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Walkabout WeighMaster

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User-friendly entry screens provide ease of data entry and quick transaction processing time that can often be reduced further by using the program's project shortcut buttons and a touchscreen monitor to automate the most common transaction types. If traffic becomes unusually heavy, we can quickly place a mobile version of the program in the field to divert small loads to a drop-off area away from the commercial traffic.

Cindy Pringle, Lancaster County SWA

Commercial traffic usually requires scale information to assess the appropriate charges. Hence, it�s natural for the primary hardware in a scalehouse to be a desktop PC connected via wire to the scales, printers, network, etc. However, the use of a scale house for all transactions means that all traffic is funneled across the scales. In busy periods, this can generate delays. Often residential transactions do not require scale information and for these transactions ISI has developed Walkabout WeighMaster, a mobile solution for processing transactions. Walkabout WeighMaster, or Wally for short, runs on Windows Mobile 5 PDA�s. It is completely point and click, although keypad input is also accepted for those devices with keypads. Transactions are entered via shortcuts, which minimizes unnecessary data entry. Via shortcuts and special fees, operators can handle almost any type of transaction. Tickets are printed via a Bluetooth belt printer and transactions are saved to a local database. Synchronization with WeighMaster is easy - just establish an ActiveSync or internet connection and click a button. If the PDA is cell-enabled, one can take transactions and sync them back to WeighMaster from anywhere on site, without bringing the Wally unit anywhere near the scalehouse.  
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